Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Year's Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 2 TOC:

1) "Shadows of Eternity" - Gregory Benford
2) "The Chatter of Monkeys" - Bond Elam
3) "Acadie" - Dave Hutchinson
4) "Canoe" - Nancy Kress
5) "The Use of Things" - Ramez Naam
6) "The Proving Ground" - Alec Nevala-Lee
7) "Holdfast" - Alastair Reynolds
8) "Vanguard 2.0" - Carter Scholz
9) "ZeroS" - Peter Watts


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Friday, March 30, 2018

TOC for The Year's Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 10

  • "My English Name" by R. S. Benedict
  • "Zen and the Art of Spaceship Maintenance" by Tobais Buckell
  • "The Moon Is Not a Battlefield" by Indrapramit Das
  • "Dear Sarah" by Nancy Kress
  • "An Evening with Severyn Grimes" by Rich Larson
  • "The Chameleon's Gloves" by Yoon Ha Lee
  • "The Martian Obelisk" by Linda Nagata
  • "A Series of Steaks" by Vina Jie-Min Prasad
  • "The Residue of Fire" by Robert Reed
  • "Night Passage" by Alastair Reynolds

Monday, January 15, 2018

TOC for The Year's Top Short SF Novels 7

Here's the table of contents for The Year's Top Short SF Novels 7 which becomes available tomorrow:

1) "Wyatt Earp 2.0" by Wil McCarthy, read by the author
2) "The Charge and the Storm" by An Owomoyela, read by Nancy Linari
3) "Lazy Dog Out" by Suzanne Palmer, read by Nancy Linari
4) "The Iron Tactician" by Alastair Reynolds, read by Tom Dheere
5) "Einstein's Shadow" by Allen M. Steele, read by Tom Dheere
6) "The Vanishing Kind" by Lavie Tidhar, read by Tom Dheere
7) "The Metal Demimonde" by Nick Wolven, read by Nancy Linari